A Little Fun For The Holidays (Free Game)

Here is a great app I found that is free for the holidays. In fact it will be $0.99 but if you like their Facebook Fan Page it’s 100% free. It’s close to the holidays and figured I take some time to post some fun stuff to play around with this year. I actually loved this game as it was a great time waster and stress reliever. Who doesn’t like flicking candies at people in the movies and see all the crazy reactions!

It’s actually really fun. Imagine flicking candies at people in the back the movie theater. The game has hilarious movie goers and sound effects. We posted the videos below… I played the demo and was really fun and if your a fan on their Facebook page, you get it free. While everyone else pays $0.99…

So be sure to like their Facebook fan page.

Video Demo #1

Video Demo #2

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